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Volume IV of Apples of Aeden now available as first edition ‘beta’ ebook

At last! Done, if not definitive and complete.

This volume, the Pillars of Aeden,  concludes the main Quest of the series, that of Shelley and Quickblade, and attempts to also conclude a number of other histories, including the campaigns of the Boy Raiders and the Evergirls, the matter of the Frozen Knights and Moonwit the Blue Knight, the departure of the Fairies of Aeden, the transformation of the School of Urak Tara, the liberation of the prisoners of the Valley of Thorns, the fates of Korman and the Lady, of  Arcratine the Sword of Korman, of the Tree of Life and the Heartstone, and of Aeden itself in the transition to the Diamond Age.

So I felt it was justified for me to put the draft up for early readers desperate to find out what happens, hoping that the final draft will be the better for their feedback, and that they will forgive any glaring errors in this, the first edition. The Age is perhaps also drawing to a close here on Edartha, and in the difficulties of our transition to the diamond Age I hope this book may be of some use. The link to the ebook on Smashwords: (only on smashwords for this first edition, as they provide free updating of your copy when the new edition comes out.)

This is the cover:

draft ebook vol IV cover with amber border 06 12 12



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Apples of Aeden II, the Rebels of Aeden, is now uploaded to Smashwords

There are lots of new graphics and maps, and after some hiccups the whole file checks out on the epub check so it should go to ‘premium’ and thereby be made available to Apple, Kobo, Nook etc. There has been at least one nook reader hanging out to get vol II, after reading the free vol I. This encourages me to go on… vol IV awaits the editing narrator’s eagle eye.

The ebook cover for Rebels of Aeden:

new oval frame cover 1005pm 09 10 12 copy


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Apples of Aeden III, Out of Edartha, is now an ebook

At last! The Narrator’s labours continue, and vol III is out on Smashwords

and by tomorrow should appear on Amazon kindle too. New images and maps, of Aeden and Timathia. $3.99

the cover:



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