The Narrator staggers back to the desk

After many twists and turns of fate and a huge amount of water under the burning Kaiwaka bridge, I sit me down at a new desk


to make the last of the edits for Apples of Aeden volume four, The Pillars of Aeden (only 56 pages to go out of 459) and upload the completed ebook as soon as that is done (an a week or so I trust). Apologies for the dreadfully long delay. We are now living in Gisborne (New Zealand), nine hours’ drive from anywhere, to be near our two delightful grandsons (2 3/4 years and 8 months). AND in a new and unexpected development, inspired by a trip to the Old Countries, the writing of volume five is beginning, not (as formerly planned) merely a short summary of the Wisdom of the West as recalled by Shelley upon her return, but an account of her further adventures as she finds herself (for the sake of her friend Anna) drawn into Edartha’s conflict between the allies of the Void and those who still hope for a renaissance, a new age – the Fifth Age, according to the reckoning of Aeden.

If you have read any or all of the preceding volumes, I hope you will be inexorably drawn into this last quest of Shelley’s, whose background is now the battle not for Aeden but for Edartha, our own Earth, so long partially endarkened, now slipping into a twilight presided over by the same mindset and deathwish that turned the World of the Aghmaath into a place of seemingly endless suffering and despair, and sank (in one Branch of the Unfolding) the ancient Island of Aeden beneath the waves.

If the prospect of volume V is of any interest to you, I encourage you to email me as the current Narrator –, and let me know what, and who, you would most like to hear more about – and generally encourage me to get weaving. I am, after all, no longer young, and time waits for no man, not even wizards! Or Blue Knights.

Also, do click on the ‘follow’ button at the top of the page, so you get email notifications along the way. It is a great encouragement to know there are people out there who are interested in the world of Aeden…



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