vol 3 ebook cover 27 11 12


6 responses to “vol 3 ebook cover 27 11 12

  1. Great news! Thanks Peter, can’t wait to get into this next one in your wonderful series.

    • Peter Harris

      thanks Jacquelyn! It’s so good to have done it. Still recovering from the push it took to put it together. Off to do some grounded concrete work making this ferrocement dragon bed! XXX

  2. Kate

    Peter, where can I get hardcopies of Volumes III, IV and any others … I have I and II and love them … these are epic … somebody should send them to Peter Jackson’s wife … they are so visual I can totally imagine a movie on the scale of Avatar or the Tolken movies … I can’t wait to read the new books …

    • Peter Harris

      hi Kate thank you very much! great to hear from you. happy new year, too! I remember you emailed a while back. I still havent quite finished the edits of IV, or put up II-IV on Createspace… So as before the only place right now is here – I can print and bind copies – i should for eutopia anyway. NZ$35. Freight depends on where you are.- or as in my previous email i can do free freight in return for your short honest feedback and any suggestions…

      all the best for the new year. i will do the last pages of IV while i am still able – reminded of mortality – my dad died this year and mum is now in a home needing 24hr care. they are/were both 91. carpe diem!

      i’m off to watch the hobbit… i think p jackson’s wife would kill him if he started another epic!? 🙂 peter

  3. Kate

    Hi Peter, … I really want the hard copies because they are absolutely ‘keepers’ … my sister and I are avid fans and when we have a great read we mark them ‘keepers’ and they go on a special bookshelf. I got the last two through Eutopia but don’t get up that way much at all … let me know when they are ready and we can organise the payment and delivery … if you need to up the cost a little, it’ll be worth it … I live in Auckland … and you can charge freight and get some short honest feedback as well … my sister is the one for suggestions … I have an MEd with a focus in literature and nothing urks me about your books at all … I can’t wait to know what happens next …
    Sorry to hear about the passing of your Dad and that your mum is so frail … but 91!!! Wow!! My mum was 48 and my dad was 61 … sad because they were the kind of parents you’d really want to stick around for as long as possible …
    Hope you enjoy the Hobbit … haven’t seen it yet but will do … still think you should drop a copy of your book on Mrs Jackson … haha. Be brave … seize the moment …
    Have a fabulous 2014 …
    Wishing fulfillment all round …

    • Peter Harris

      thank you Kate! That’s great, Auckland is nothing… freight to europe for example is huge… glad you’ve been to Eutopia. it’s for sale on trademe! Now I am in whangarei for mum and raewyn’s work, it seemed it might be one of the things to let go to a good home…the loveqor.com vision is pretty all-consuming and time and energy are limited – and yes the epic calls! Yes we were lucky to have parents for so long. 48 and 61 – that’s young (now I’m 59!). So, i will print and bind very soon and email you. Fantastic. and if you are ever up in whangarei be sure to visit the lovely Quarry arts centre (bush, sculptural stuff and studio 5 – LoveQor!). all feedback most appreciated, including from sister…

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